Costume Jewelry Sale - Storytellers Antiques Monthly Yard Sale

July-November, 1st Saturday Yard Sale at Storytellers Antiques. This month I will be selling costume jewelry on Saturday, July 5, 9a-4p.  Multi-family yard salers, crafters, antiques, costume jewelry, household items and more are on the list for this weekend.

SPACE AVAILABLE TO RENT STARTING AT $15, (10'X12' space). Looking for venders to sell yard sale items, antiques, collectibles, fruits & vegetables and food venders also! Contact me should you want to sign up. Photos are from our June sale. Storytellers Antiques will be open to shop from 10a-5p and the local Italian Restaurant will be open for lunch. Come join us!

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Meet My Dad!!

Meet My Dad!!
"Looking back, I thank God for my Christian parents. I thank God for His love for us. I thank God for the love within our family unit. I thank God that I was born and reared in rural America on a farm ... in Georgia." Lowell Hamlett

Reflections Of Yesterday On The Farm

In rememberance of my dad...
This is a great little booklet written by my dad, Lowell Hamlett. It is written as one line memories of growning up on the farm, 80 plus years ago. He has divided his book into seasons of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Fall Memories:
"Hauling wagon loads of black jack oaks home from the mountains for fire wood."
"Learning to make syrup candy at home"
"How we hated to take medicine - especially Castor Oil and liver medicine."
"Spending entire days in the woods just enjoying the out-of-doors."
"The good smell of newly mown hay."
"How doctors gave up on my father in his illness of 1930, offering us no hope."
"How he not only recovered but lived another 32 years farming and doing carpenter work."
"Meeting a beautiful young lady, Nell Howell, in 1946 who would eventually become my wife, the mother of our five children, Ronald, Glenn, Beverly (me), Linda & Brenda (twins)."

Reflections of Yesterday on the Farm: $3.00